Our OnFace

OnFace, as a leading runner of the software-centric converging technology and Hardware, is now pioneering a new way
on the IT history of 21st century beyond the bubble era.

onFace is a Innovation Lab focusing in creating links between research on Virtual Reality and businesses. We specialize in creating VR contents, business solutions and service providing for B2B, B2C business.



VR often refers to virtual reality, a computer technology that simulates an environment with which a user may interact

Face Identification

You can estimate how old are you with your photo. Surport analysing from URL, Drag&Drop, and camera.

You can also test a face similarity from two photos. And you can evaluate our solution with rate and comment. Thank you!

Wireless Earphone

ONFACE designs and manufactures variety of daily digital appliances, products, and provides intellectual services.

Smart STB & Multi Controller

Connect your HD Smart Set Top Box to your home network of mobile internet, wifi or cable broadband connection to enable data streaming.


Holography is the science and practice of making holograms.

Face-Recognition Camera

Upper is the video camera that contains an Android board in left-side

equipped with a Face-recognition. We are sure that this is the first

high-performance video camera to recognize a face continuously.

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